In the British elections, older meant wiser

In the recent British elections, radical leftist Jeremy Corbyn won the "coveted" youth vote handily but was nevertheless crushed by the Conservative Party in a historic landslide. Lord Ashcroft Polls, which surveyed 13,000 voters on election day, found that while Boris Johnson's Conservative Party won both men and women and all socioeconomic groups, Conservative support depended on the age of the voter. Among the 18–24 age group, Labor won by a margin of 57% to 19%.  British writer James Delingpole noted, "If these kids had had their way, then the world's fifth-largest economy would have been reduced within a few months to the status of Venezuela-style basket case, with private property confiscated, freedom of speech muzzled, taxes rocketing, Jews persecuted, terrorists appeased, national security surrendered." Delingpole observed that rapidly expanding school attendance has created "a powerful electoral bloc of...(Read Full Post)
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