History will be a harsh judge of the Democrats

They failed to stop his election even though they weaponized intelligence agencies and lied to the FISA court so they could spy on his campaign, as the Horowitz Report documents. They then spent three years in their unhinged effort to delegitimize his victory, first through the phony two-year Russian Collusion Hoax Investigation Flameout and now through an entirely partisan impeachment that will end with vindication in the Senate.  They know they don't have a candidate who can beat him, because he's accomplished so much, including a string of trade and economic policy successes, tax reform and deregulation that have spurred the economy and stock market to shatter one record after another, record-high job creation for minorities, a greater percentage increase in take-home pay for lower-income voters than for those with higher incomes, remaking the third branch of government with a record-setting pace of judicial appointments, criminal justice reform, forcing NATO...(Read Full Post)
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