Happy and hopeful, sad and depressed — who and what we are depends on us

Yesterday I forced myself to read a piece about the declining health — both physical and mental — said to be seen among the American people.  Drug addiction is said to be rampant, suicide increasingly common (especially among younger adults — people in their twenties). The article went on to give the seeming causes for all this.  The officially approved ones, that is.  Poor nutrition and obesity, a breaking apart of community, growing loneliness, alienation and depression.  And (of course!) there not being enough funding for "programs" to help people overcome all the above. Totally unmentioned in the piece were several things I think are rather relative.  One is the demographics involved — just who it is that seems to be, statistically, at the greatest (and growing) risk.  And who is not. If, I asked myself, more "programs" — that is, more government...(Read Full Post)
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