Christmas joy in the Age of Trump

There is a saying that has resonated with me since the first time I heard it.  I am sorry I cannot give credit to the original author.  "A person often does not know that he is happy, but he most certainly knows when he was happy." On this Christmas morn, it is time for all of my fellow deplorables to pause and reflect on what a powerful and lasting force they have become in American history.  They have every right to be thankful, joyous, and happy.  We are all winning bigly thanks to the raw courage of one man: Donald Trump. At times, it may not feel like winning.  Sadly many of us have been and will be continued to be attacked by vicious, hollow, virtue-signaling anti-Trump nasty people whom a corrupt media establishment gives undue attention.  After all, how many times can Robert De Niro say something utterly crass and inappropriate?  In spite of this incessant, boring, and unoriginal caterwauling...(Read Full Post)
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