A new take on conspiracy theories

What to make of conspiracy theories?  There are a plethora of them out there.  Some of the more prominent ones that come to mind are on the JFK assassination, Flight 800, and the 9-11 terrorist attack.  Of more recent vintage is the Syria chemical weapons attack of 2013 as a possible false flag operation.  The common thread running through all of them is not the ubiquitous Russians or even extraterrestrials.  It's that U.S. government insiders were involved in perpetrating the acts themselves or in covering them up afterward. In the past, I found the conspiracy theories interesting to read about but not all that believable.  Much of my assessment was based on a belief that the official investigators were trustworthy people.  How naïve of me.  What has been revealed in the past three years is basically how high-level government officials in the intelligence...(Read Full Post)
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