The 1972 Nixon model

This week in 1972, President Nixon was re-elected in a huge landslide.  He put together one of the greatest election victories of all time.  He got 61% of the popular vote, beating Senator George McGovern by 18 million votes.  Add 520 electoral votes to the story, and you have the textbook definition of a wipeout. Who predicted that? I was there and don't remember anyone predicting that a year before. Why should President Trump's team look at that election? I see some interesting similarities: 1. 1971 polls projected a very tight race: Nixon 43 vs. Muskie 39.  As we know now, Senator Edmund Muskie never made it, and President Nixon won big. 2. Senator McGovern did not have an issue.  In other words, the anti-war candidate ran against a war that was practically over on election day. 3. The Democrat convention was a circus, and nominee Senator McGovern did not deliver his acceptance...(Read Full Post)
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