Kamala Harris, the $6-million candidate, proudly tells us she's never had a non-government job

Could this be enough to finish the loathsome Kamala Harris off? Here's a story from the Daily Caller about the work record of this far-left presidential candidate: Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris bragged on Twitter Wednesday about never having held a non-government job. South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg urged presidential candidates to disclose income from when they worked in the private sector after agreeing to release more tax returns from when he worked at McKinsey & Co., a management consulting firm. Harris tweeted in response to this news that disclosing her number would be easy, because she has only worked for "The People." All the rest of us who somehow managed to work in the private sector are tainted.  The private sector is dirty, see, and anyone who's ever worked in it is motivated by filthy lucre.  Only she is "pure." As if government didn't rely on the taxes...(Read Full Post)
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