Hillary Derangement Syndrome, or its 2020 equivalent

More than once in my past commentaries, I have confessed that, had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential election, I would have developed HDS; Hillary Derangement Syndrome.  Before that election, I wrote of dark premonitions, the foreboding that we would lose our basic freedoms, including those enshrined in both the First and Second Amendments. There were a great many foreshadowings of what would have been to come, but the one that bothers me most, for some reason, is the political assault on the Little Sisters of the Poor.  In the attempt to force Obamacare on the nation, these few and charitable people of faith were targeted for institutional extinction because they would not yield to demands that they be associated, however indirectly, with the murder of unborn babies. Only the election of President Trump saved them from becoming the Alamo of religious freedoms, but the political Left never, ever, gives up, and now the Little Sisters are once...(Read Full Post)
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