China's social credit: Everyone gives Chicoms photos of their faces ... to see the zoo

To go to a zoo and see the gorillas in socialist China, you've got some pre-conditions to fulfill first. You now have to give them a print of your face. And if you're a passholder, you'd better give it or else, because No Refunds. That's what's prompted some pushback from a guy in Hangzhou, who's launched what's a probably hopeless lawsuit to protest the Orwellian practice, which falls into the same sort of doings that come with China's social credit system.  According to the Wall Street Journal: BEIJING—A Chinese law professor has raised a rare legal challenge over how facial-recognition technology is deployed in a country where surveillance cameras are increasingly part of everyday life. Guo Bing accused a wildlife park and zoo in the eastern technology hub of Hangzhou of violating his consumer rights by requiring members to register their faces as part of a new entrance system. On Friday, a court in...(Read Full Post)
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