British press drops bombshell story on Hunter Biden's sexcapades

A new story about Hunter Biden with details almost completely unreported in the U.S. media sheds additional unfavorable blinding light on former vice president Joe Biden's son.  On November 20, the Daily Mail of London dropped an article, "Hunter Biden, 49, IS the father of Arkansas woman's child, paternity test confirms" (emphasis original).  The revelation suggested by the title is but the tip of an emerging, large iceberg of tawdry and salacious news about Biden the younger. Hunter Biden, July 3, 2013, at a Center for Strategic and International Studies Panel. Source: Creative Commons license. The opening paragraphs in the story are bad enough: Hunter Biden is the father of an Arkansas woman's child, DNA testing has shown, according to court records obtained by  Lunden Roberts, 28, has been demanding since May for Hunter, 49, to take a test to prove he is the father of her baby, despite his...(Read Full Post)
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