Australian media reporting that US atty Durham has interviewed Alexander Downer

U.S. attorney John Durham is running an investigation into the Russia hoax that has been almost airtight.  A fragment of information on his activities, however, comes our way via Australian media. Alexander Downer's meeting with George Papadopoulos at the Kensington Wine Rooms in 2016 played a key role in providing a rationale for an FBI investigation of the Trump campaign, including FISA warrants allowing wiretapping.  At the time, Downer was the Australian high commissioner (ambassador) to the U.K. and had been Australia's foreign minister earlier, a very senior diplomat to be entertaining a young Trump campaign volunteer. The meeting, also attended by Aussie diplomat Erika Thompson, elicited the information from Papadopoulos that he had been told by mysterious Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud that the Russians had a trove of Hillary Clinton's missing emails.  When that information was duly passed along and reached the U.S., it became...(Read Full Post)
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