Aussie bush-fires nurtured in national parks

Listen carefully to a typical Australian bush-fire warning: "A big fire in the XYZ National Park is now threatening adjacent homes and farms." For decades now, politicians have been recklessly locking up more land in national parks, reserves, and heritage areas.  There are now over 500 national parks covering over 11% of Australia. In addition to this huge area of nationalized parks, the Howard government, in cahoots with compliant states, created untouchable Kyoto forests on private land in order to meet silly carbon dioxide obligations imposed by the Kyoto Protocol.  This conversion of private grazing land to protected "Kyoto Forest" was accelerated by state government tree-huggers who used aerial surveillance to identify "remnant vegetation" and "regrowth areas" on private land, which were then subjected to preservation orders (without ground checking or discussions).  Graziers were also prohibited from...(Read Full Post)
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