What it would take for Hunter Biden's story to check out

Try to imagine that you are the son of a prominent politician who will ultimately rise to the second highest executive office in the land, and your very first job out of law school, when ol' Dad's a mere United States senator, is with a major bank holding company that just happens to be a major contributor to your father's political campaigns.  Wonder of wonders, within two years of being a new hire, you are the executive vice president of said company.  But you don't tell Daddy about that astonishing advancement because you and Dad, operating out of a keen sense of political and familial decorum, simply don't ever discuss your phenomenal career successes. Then you become a Washington lobbyist, and you and your father maintain your separation and propriety with an agreement in which ol' Pops won't ask you about your lobbying clients and you won't tell him about them.  One has to wonder how those seeking influence and...(Read Full Post)
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