Trump's Godfather moment

I have never seen anything like the apparently crazed condition of Democrats. I have watched players in World War II, the Korean War, the Berlin Airlift, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Israeli wars, the Cold War, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and all the rest of it. But never have I seen anything as wild and incoherent as the current Democrat stampede. To me, it's a headlong rush to somehow Impeach Donald Trump — by an uncontrolled run to the left.  Any new "bombshell" seems welcome.  Any new accusation is instantly worked globally into the Democrat narrative. Anything that seems derogatory.  Anything negative.  The wilder, the better.  To Democrats, their enablers, and their enforcers, even eating babies starts to sound good, if a Democrat twists the story far enough to the left. Anything goes.  Anything at all. And somehow — by their now openly bruiting a clandestine communism...(Read Full Post)
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