Trump to the rescue in Virginia?

Virginia's been a purple state, but it's trending blue.  Clinton edged out Trump in 2016, and in 2017, Democrats won statewide offices handily and reduced Republicans in the House of Delegates from 66 to 51.  This year, due to redistricting, Republicans will be fortunate if they manage to hang on to 20 of the 40 seats in the State Senate.  It is widely predicted that they will lose their one-vote majority in the House. Unless...  Polls show Democratic voters more enthusiastic than Republicans, but the election is four weeks away, and that could change.  President Trump could turn it around with one giant rally.  With one such rally in Lake Charles last Friday, Trump denied Louisiana Democratic governor John Bel Edwards a majority in the jungle primary.  Just before the Nov. 5  election, he'll be going to Kentucky to help endangered Gov. Matt Bevin win re-election. Louisiana and...(Read Full Post)
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