Is running for president now a corrupt Democrat's 'get out of jail free' card?

Based on today's standards, promoted in Congress and the press, Democratic Party candidates, such as Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, can greatly enrich their families with massive amounts of money from foreign parties, and a Republican president and his Justice Department are not even allowed to bring up their names, let alone research their obvious corruption.  Most of the media and other Democrats are now calling President Trump's bid to get to the bottom of the ongoing corruption we see "impeachable," and they couldn't care less about corruption as they preach that no one is above the law. Democrats can seek trash on their Republican opponents from foreign nationals and not only do most journalists and other Democrats not care, but they can use a fake dossier full of opposition research as grist for an FBI investigation in their bid to take out Trump.  Then, if Trump brings up Biden's name to a...(Read Full Post)
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