NPR just wants things to be nice

NPR has apologized for running an interview with Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN). It seems that NPR’s base audience of deracinated, hidebound suburbanite liberals were shocked, -- shocked, I tell you -- that Banks attacked both Adam Schiff and the impeachment effort within the hearing of decent people. It made them so mad they could spit, and reports have been heard that several ran out onto their lawns and kicked over a garden gnome or two before calling up NPR’s contact number to insist that somebody do something. The comments by Banks (covered here on AT) were perfectly straightforward, well-grounded, and are becoming more obvious every day: that the “impeachment” is effectively a hoax based on bogus information and that the Democratic leadership made fools of themselves by jumping the gun. Perfectly factual and impossible to deny. Not that NPR has actually denied them. No, in its customary fashion, NPR has instead slithered amoebalike between the points at...(Read Full Post)
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