Joe Biden suddenly sorry for using the word 'lynching'

It's almost as if Trump plans it. Trump threw out a common figure of speech comparing his breakneck-speed impeachment to a "lynching."  That triggered the customary arrow volley from the press about "racism," and Trump flicked it off.  But then the magic moment came as the whole hullabaloo start to spear Joe Biden instead, leaving the Democratic frontrunner on the floor bleeding. According to the Washington Post: SCRANTON, Pa. — Joe Biden offered a rare apology on Tuesday night, saying he was sorry for using the phrase "partisan lynching" two decades ago to describe an impeachment proceeding. It came several hours after Biden had called President Trump "despicable" and "abhorrent" for saying the impeachment proceedings against him were a "lynching." Rare?  What kind of bee ess is that? Biden lives to apologize, he's...(Read Full Post)
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