Boulder warfare in blue and ever more Hobbesian San Francisco

Seems the famed poop patrols of San Francisco aren't quite doing the job the press reported they would be doing in cleaning up the homeless-wracked, poop-filled metropolis. So residents of a neighborhood near Mission Dolores, the area that borders the Castro on one side and the Mission district on the other, took matters into their own hands.  They purchased and installed big boulders on the sidewalks to discourage tent encampments following the 300 complaints they made to the city about poop and tents and drug-dealing, all of which got ignored.  Call it boulder warfare.  Call it the castle defense.  They sure as heck weren't going to get any attention otherwise. Residents of San Francisco's Castro neighborhood are using boulders to deter the homeless from camping there, according to KTVU. Neighbors purchased 25 boulders and placed them on the sidewalk of Clinton Park,...(Read Full Post)
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