Be careful with what you say...

The good news for Democrats is that the CNN LGBT town hall did poorly in the ratings.  In other words, most of the voters who might have been repulsed were watching something else. The bad news is that everyone was on duty at the Trump re-election offices.  They recorded everything, and we will watch it soon! The town hall turned off one group that Democrats need to reach, as Miranda Devin wrote: Anyone wondering why religious people still support Donald Trump, despite his flaws, need only watch a recording of the Democrats' fanatical LGBTQ town hall last week. From Elizabeth Warren mocking religious males as incapable of finding a wife to Beto O'Rourke's promise to strip tax benefits from religious institutions, or Cory Booker's assertion that Catholics use religion to justify discrimination, you see the ugly face of militant secularism and coercion. Yes, that's correct. Frankly, I hear this all the...(Read Full Post)
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