Will Swedish cannibals save the planet?

In their never-ending search for foods to Save the Planet, a Swedish professor named Magnus Soederlund has proposed eating dead human bodies, presumably fresh from the morgue.  (Although French chefs might wonder if human flesh will taste better after some days of hanging in the barn, along with dead ducks and gamy meat.  Anything will go into Swedish meatballs.) Naturally, I thought this little factoid was made up by our fabulous media, but it turns out that Professor Soederlund actually exists and wants to claim credit for his idea.  I don't know if Swedish schools still teach Jonathan Swift's essay "A modest proposal," a bitter satirical attack on the English government during the Irish Potato Famine, suggesting that Irish babies should feature on English menus.  I don't think anybody actually took Jonathan Swift seriously in the Potato Famine, but times have changed. Body-sized refrigeration units remain in...(Read Full Post)
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