Squad breaks from leash, prepares to devour Nancy Pelosi

How do we describe this sudden and irrational "impeach Trump" feeding frenzy coming from House speaker Nancy Pelosi? Take a look at what the Federalist suspects: that Pelosi has lost control of her "Squad" of far-left socialist-totalitarian activists.  According to George S. Bardmesser, a Washington attorney who knows the ways of the swamp: Impeachment proceedings are a given, because her caucus now almost unanimously demands it, and her caucus demands it because the Democratic Party has been hijacked by the Resistance crazies and the hard left. Pelosi has also run out of cute euphemisms for impeachment—  the usual Pelosi mumbo-jumbo, like "inquiry," "investigation," and "official inquiry," no longer work without giving the crazies the real deal. Pelosi had to get ahead of the tidal wave before it drowned her. As Spartan women used to say to their men, "Return with the shield, or on...(Read Full Post)
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