Texas businesswoman visits freedom fighters in Hong Kong

If you've been following the turmoil in Hong Kong, you know that the residents of the port city on China's southern coastline have been protesting an encroachment of its sovereignty by the mainland.  It started recently when an extradition bill was passed by China, which would have allowed the extradition of Hong Kongers to the mainland to stand trial in courts controlled by the Communist Party, which is notorious for silencing critics and punishing dissidents.  Although the 7.5-million-strong population of Hong Kong is geographically part of China, it was a British colony since 1841, after the Opium Wars.  Since then, Hong Kong has flourished as an East-West trading center and as the commercial gateway and distribution center for southern China.  In 1898, Britain was granted an additional 99 years of rule over the colony. Although that ended in 1997, British prime minister Margaret Thatcher and Chinese premier Zhao Ziyang signed an...(Read Full Post)
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