Speaking of family separations: Chicoms remove Hong Kong protester kids from their parents

The Chicoms' all-out war on Hong Kong's freedom-loving people has hit a new, and very communistic, low. They're stealing protester kids from their families, stripping parents of custody — and putting the kids in government homes, something that carries more than a whiff of Red China's sick Maoist "re-education" camps.  Where, again, are those kids going?  According to Breitbart News, citing RTHK: Hong Kong's juvenile courts are stripping custody from parents of minors who have participated in pro-democracy protests, the city's RTHK broadcaster reported this week. Many of the pro-democracy movement's most prominent members were teenagers when the Umbrella Movement of 2014 began. The current series of protests have attracted even younger demonstrators and resulted in the arrests of individuals as young as 12 years old. Here are the...(Read Full Post)
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