Payback: Trump the fighter takes aim at California's blue cities over homeless crisis of their own making

President Trump made a quick and energetic trip to San Diego, with his public press conference chiefly focused on the newly raised border wall. But there was a strong second storyline that came out, and it stood out. He's on the offense, targeting California's failed blue cities over their self-created homelessness.  Fox News has the segment: Now, notice how he praises San Diego's response to homelessness over the homeless crisis seen in places such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.  In reality, all three are blue cities and roughly the same in failures, although San Diego has a mushily Republican mayor, Kevin Faulconer, who hasn't been extremely vocal, at least, about hating on Trump.  All of these cities have been effectively ruled by leftists through their city councils, creating zoning, rent control, and environmental regulations that have priced many people out of housing, making their elected...(Read Full Post)
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