Omar doubles down, still trying to tell the 9/11 victims who criticized her that she was right all along

Rep. Ilhan Omar would like 9/11 victims to know she's a double victim of 9/11, not a single one, and therefore a bigger victim than they are. Hence her determination to talk over their criticism of her and have the last word. Speaking on one of the Sunday talk shows, Omar snapped back at a dig at her from one of the survivors of 9/11, who decried her flippant trivialization of the monster attack by Muslim fanatics with what she claimed to be civil rights issues. According to The Hill, she started out piously enough: "9/11 was an attack on all Americans. It was an attack on all of us, and I certainly could not understand the weight of the pain that the families of the victims of 9/11 must feel," Omar said on CBS's "Face the Nation." But then she tried to equate a claimed loss of civil rights with the Muslim-led mass murder from hijacked aircraft under the collapse of thousands of tons of...(Read Full Post)
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