More anti-Israel bias at the Washington Post

The Washington Post article “Israel accuses Iran of trying to supply Hezbollah with precision missiles,” published August 30, 2019, begins with a biased title shifting the focus and responsibility onto Israel as the aggressor in need of justifying its actions rather than the ongoing hostile actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran.    The article continues to heavily focus on the justification of Israel’s defensive actions, and the authors even include the opinions of skeptical security analysts questioning the necessity and effectiveness of the strikes Israel has performed.  Interestingly noted though is that, “Israel’s biggest concern, Israeli officials say, is a program, acknowledged by Hezbollah, aimed at developing the capacity to produce missiles capable of hitting Israel with pinpoint accuracy.” Within the article, it is reported that “[Hezbollah] does, however, possess a small number of such missiles.” An...(Read Full Post)
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