Mattis refuses to follow the media's anti-Trump script

Former defense secretary General James Mattis is upsetting lots of establishment members in D.C. by not following the anticipated script in publicizing his new book, Call Sign Chaos. The media seem to have expected him to indicate that Trump is a uniquely bad actor.  Matt Margolis at PJ Media: After the surprise resignation of Secretary of Defense James Mattis last December, Democrats were quick to politicize the news, and have certainly been hoping ever since that Mattis would provide them with new information they could use to attack Donald Trump.  Mattis criticizes former President Obama for failing to respond to an Iranian plot to assassinate Saudi diplomats in D.C. because if he did, it might have upset his secret negotiations on the nuclear deal with Iran. What does that tell you about who was too eager for a deal and who had the leverage in negotiations? Andrea Mitchell was rendered speechless after Mattis said Trump has done a...(Read Full Post)
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