Maryland's Montgomery County Council disgraces itself defending sanctuary policies that allowed 7 illegals to remain and rape local residents

Last night, the politicians on the County Council of Montgomery County, Maryland emailed a statement to county residents responding to the wave of seven sexual assaults since July 25, allegedly carried out by illegal aliens under the protection of their "sanctuary county" policy.  They are reacting defensively to criticisms such as this: More sanctuary Montgomery county consequences... sad and tragic — USCIS Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli (@USCISCuccinelli) September 3, 2019 Rather than address their own responsibility for harboring criminals who inflicted life-changing harm on seven of their innocent constituents, they crudely demonized those who have called attention to their neglect to serve the public who pay their salaries and their tolerance of illegality. 2019 Montgomery County Council (photo credit: Montgomery County). To understand the extent of their disgrace, examine the statement text with my...(Read Full Post)
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