Klay Thompson, fundraising underachiever

Klay Thompson, all pro guard for the Golden State Warriors and son of Bahamian Mychal Thompson of NBA fame, rakes Donald Trump over the coals for not offering TPS (Temporary Protected Status) to Bahamians after Hurricane Dorian recently ran over the island. TPS provides designated foreigners shelter in America while their countries and homes get rebuilt.  Like so many U.S. programs, it gets abused.  Several thousand Haitians came to America ten years ago and are still here without legal status.  The Trump administration has been pushing Congress to deal with this situation via appropriate legislation, but Congress seems content to work from court order to court order on it rather than fixing it once and for all. Thompson's family runs a celebrity golf tournament that he says is donating all proceeds this year to the Bahamian recovery.  He does not say how much he personally plans to toss into the kitty, and none of his rich celebrity...(Read Full Post)
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