Just how bad was Hunter Biden's 'booty from the coup' appointment to Ukrainian gas company?

The Left is making a holy hullabaloo about President Trump's hardly illegal request to Ukraine's new president to find out about Joe Biden's son's weird appointment to the board of natural gas company Burisma with its $50,000 retainer, dismissing any concerns about the setup as irrelevant. But actually, it's highly relevant because the setup reeks of political corruption — not just on the Ukraine side, but on the Obama administration side, too. The Washington Post does have a piece on Hunter Biden's journey, attempting to dismiss any corruption implications in its own story about the Biden son as a nothingburger.  Nevertheless, it provides a useful synopsis about how Hunter Biden got his Burisma board position: For Hunter Biden, the job came with risks: Ukraine was in the throes of political upheaval, and there was building scrutiny of former government officials profiting in the lucrative gas industry. His father was...(Read Full Post)
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