Is California professionalizing college sports?

Decades ago, my eldest daughter and I were having a debate over whether or not athletes should be paid by the colleges and universities they play for.  My position was that they should be paid for their time, dedication, and hard work since the revenue generated by college sports, especially football and basketball, was disproportionately lining the coffers of these institutions and the NCAA.  My daughter, an All-American and a member of the Cornell University Athletic Hall of Fame, adamantly took an opposing view.  She felt that paying athletes would ruin college sports. Recently, she sent me a link to an article that I found interesting: the California Assembly voted unanimously to allow college athletes to be paid salaries and earn money from endorsements and other commercial sources.  Now, many will find this move appalling, especially the NCAA, which is already working to counter this action by threatening to disallow any California...(Read Full Post)
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