Individualism: Our eventual demise

America dodged a bullet in 2016, with the election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency.  I'm praying that his (our) momentum propels us to victory in 2020, but America's experiment in our republican form of government is short-lived.  Freedom, as we currently know it, will be a not too distant memory. It is not for lack of virtue in precepts established at our founding, but the nature of the make-up of those who "individually" honor its form versus those who "collectively" seek its destruction. Individualism, our greatest virtue, is our biggest (tactical) weakness.  As a command-and-control ideology, when leftist elites determine a path forward, they communicate marching orders to their militant activists (including the media), who communicate said orders to their mass of uninformed drones.  Like the Star Trek Borg, leftist foot soldiers unthinkingly march to the tune set for them by their...(Read Full Post)
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