Huge racial disparity in SF homeless must be due to racism, right?

Blacks make up around 6% of Californians.  But 34% of the homeless in San Francisco are black. That means that there is a racial disparity of nearly a factor of 6. The leftists who run San Francisco, like all leftists, have been telling us for years that any racial disparity is a sign of racism.  For example, blacks make up about 13% of the American population, but they also make up 37% of the prison population.  Leftists and Democrats tell us that can only be due to racism. Of course, the reason there are so many more blacks in prison is that a higher percentage of blacks commit crimes.  While most blacks are perfectly honest, as are most whites, the percentage of blacks who are criminals is higher than the percentage of whites who are criminals.  We know that this is true because the victims, who are almost all black, tell us their attackers were black — despite that fact that...(Read Full Post)
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