How mainstream reporters disgraced themselves during Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian has come and gone, leaving the U.S mainland largely unscathed. With the storm over and the president summoning his own Twitter tempests to distract impressionable journos like a cowherd, Dorian will soon fade from the public's mind.  Before it does, attention ought to be paid to the media's unbecoming behavior during the runup to the destructive gale. Mike Allen, the jittery Axios reporter, made an offhand remark in the exordium of one of his morning newsletters, asking readers to keep potential storm victims in their thoughts.  A nice enough sentiment, indeed.  There was just one problem.  "Fingers crossed for our friends and readers on the Southeast coast who're having their holiday plans spoiled by Dorian," Allen dashed off, perhaps unthinkingly. Allen asks for well wishes for those whose summer holiday is disrupted.  Not for Florida residents, not retirees, not schoolchildren —...(Read Full Post)
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