Ever had a shocking experience from a liberal 'friend' on Facebook?

Had a shocking, slap-in-the-face, experience this morning. Last night, I happened to add a few new FB friends.  Among them was one — let's call him Dick — he and I had attended the same schools in the same years for high school and college.  More of an acquaintance than a friend.  By all appearances, extremely successful and intelligent, a high achiever in his field. I visited his page and found it to be chock-full of Trump-hatred.  Nothing unusual about that, especially in Massachusetts.  One thread was castigating Trump for seeking to eliminate Obamacare. I pointed out that a couple nearing 65 and earning $65,000 would be paying the full-boat Obamacare price of $20,000 per year, that many people needed to mortgage their homes to pay the costs, and that many people had lost their homes because of the costs.  This makes Obamacare a highly regressive tax.  Totally factual, no invective...(Read Full Post)
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