European Central Bank to put climate change at its core

Cancer is an insidious disease.  It typically starts with a single cell mutating into a cancerous one, which then multiplies many times over to form a tumor.  If left untreated, a cancerous cell can break off from the tumor, enter the bloodstream, and form secondary tumors at distant sites.  When this happens, the cancer is said to have metastasized, and more often than not, it's fatal. The idea that man-made global warming is an imminent threat to the environment and that policies can be enacted to prevent the calamity from happening is a cancer of the mind.  It has metastasized.  The belief is everywhere — in the media, the public schools, universities, many religious dominations, and throughout the general culture.  When it is spoken about in the rarefied air of "expert" opinion, the matter is seldom debated.  Rather, it is taken as a given, much like the law of...(Read Full Post)
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