Does Trump have something up his sleeve to help Boris?

The situation looks tough for U.K. Boris Johnson, but not entirely. It started out pretty bad Wednesday, with the U.K. parliament pulling another fast one and passing a measure to mandate another delay in Brexit beyond the hard Oct. 31 deadline. That gives Britain a choice of surrendering to EU exhorbitant demands or else just hanging on, and on, and on... Without the threat to just quit the EU and let the arrogant eurotrash pick up the pieces, now any deal agreed upon will be one that comes on Europe's terms. That's a disgusting thing for parliamentarians to stake their record on. But they did, they seem to 'like' being ruled by the EU. After that, Johnson called on Britain's far-left Labour Party to agree to a snap election to sort this impasse out, but Labour, knowing well that it would be defeated, declined, probably for about the first time in its history and Johnson called them 'cowards.' Johnson says...(Read Full Post)
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