Critics find yet another global warming fraud: walruses leaping to their death because of reduced ice

When they aren't citing the fraudulent claim that 97% of scientists back global warming alarmism, those who wish to panic us into handing over control of all energy usage to governments resort to emotional imagery of animals they claim are endangered by global warming.  The notorious picture of a polar bear on a piece of ice was used for years, until it became clear that polar bear populations are growing and that polar bears love to ride ice and then go for a swim. Time for new creature to be used to evoke feelings of pity and guilt, those emotions that progressives continually exploit.  And into the breach came no less a revered icon than Sir David Attenborough, the veteran BBC broadcaster and BBC executive often labeled a "national treasure" in British polls and publications.  In his Netflix series Our Planet, Sir David's narration claimed that walruses have been driven to suicidal falls from rugged cliffs...(Read Full Post)
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