Biden upset about those whippersnappers in the press not oozing flattery to him

Joe Biden has had it up to here with all those whippersnappers in the press corps, who not only consider his greatness "uncool," but can't stop covering his gaffes. According to a Fox News report, citing a report of Team Biden's murmurings to Politico's Ryan Lizza: From the Biden perspective, pundits and tweeters don't get Biden's resilience because of "the gap between a press corps, as well as the wider online political class, that is largely in its twenties and thirties and a candidate who would be 78 at his inaugural." Many of the reporters, in this view, haven't covered a real Democratic primary because they started working after 2008. A "well-known Democrat" told Politico that the young'uns "view this party as dominated by woke millennials and through the lens of coastal issues. They are products, increasingly, of fairly elite schools and they don't talk to a lot of voters who...(Read Full Post)
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