Biden campaign 'demands' TV nets silence Rudy Giuliani

Trump Derangement Syndrome is causing Democrats to expose their totalitarian impulse.  Taking a lesson from communist tyrants, the Biden campaign outed itself as taking the route of silencing rather than responding to its critics.  It revealed for all to see that that the Biden campaign regards the media as allies upon whom it can make demands in the expectation that its wishes will be followed. Rudy responding to hostile questioning from Clinton campaign alumnus George Stephanopoulos yesterday. YouTube screen grab. The leftist Daily Beast broke the story: Joe Biden's presidential campaign made an extraordinary request to executives of top news channels on Sunday, asking them to no longer book Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, on their programs.  In a letter addressed to the heads of the major news and cable networks, as well as top news anchors, two top Biden campaign advisers make the case that by peddling...(Read Full Post)
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