Anti-Trump crusader dishonestly reports anti-Semitic 'scoop' and runs young Trump appointee out of his job

There's nothing like the power of dishonest journalism, and don't think the mass media don't know it. One of the people Ben Rhodes probably meant when he spoke of 27-year-olds "who know nothing," named Ben Penn over at Bloomberg, has come up with a dishonest story claiming to prove that a young Trump official named Leif Olson at the U.S. Department of Labor is an anti-Semite.  His big scoop (Penn's word, not mine) concerned some doxx-style digging of his on (or maybe an activist tip against) the low-level staffer, followed by an irony-challenged claim that a Facebook post the young man made was his presented evidence of anti-Semitism.  It wasn't true — it actually was the opposite of true — and wiser heads pointed it out.  But Olson nevertheless resigned. Philip Klein at the Washington Examiner wrote a column exposing just how disgusting...(Read Full Post)
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