A second look at recent attacks on Jews in New York City

"Orthodox Jewish man assaulted in Brooklyn." This headline has become the norm these days, as recent attacks on Jews in their New York City neighborhoods have become increasingly common and quite numerous.  NYC mayor Bill de Blasio blames this uptick in anti-Semitism on right-wing ideologies.  But considering that the attackers are uniformly black and Hispanic, the mayor seems to be a bit off, to put it kindly.  (Furthermore, judging from the videos — such as this, this, and this — I would not bet on the attackers having any ideology, much less knowing what the word even means.) Aside from the fact that the issue is not being given any attention by the usual human-rights groups, who do not hesitate to fly to the U.S. southern border in order to find hints of abuse and discrimination against migrants housed in federal government facilities, but who do not seem to care when...(Read Full Post)
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