Who says China's social credit system isn't practiced here? Check out what 20% of hiring managers are doing

Speaking of being held down.  Speaking of "cancel culture."  Has there ever been as blatant a civil rights violation as this, coming from a marketing company's survey? Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner found this: American workers who like President Trump face sweeping bias against them, with some managers refusing to hire his supporters and those already employed facing discrimination and mockery, according to a new study. In a survey of hiring managers and workers shared with Secrets, the marketing firm Airtasker found that left-leaning firms are especially anti-Trump, with 20% vowing to reject a job candidate who backs the president. And those who support Trump and who are already in the workplace face substantial mockery, including name-calling. The survey listed the responses to several examples of what pro-Trump workers face: 28%, joking about them. 23%, overly critical of...(Read Full Post)
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