Where's Bill de Blasio? Trump-supporter says he was violently assaulted in Manhattan

Are we entering a period of political violence?  A time when thugs aligned either with governments or embittered out-of-power revanchists determine the political discourse?  You'd think all political parties would be right there to condemn violent thuggery in place of what they supposedly stand for, which is peaceful democratic transitions. So the latest news is that a New York gallery-owner, Jalangir Turan, was assaulted by a thug or group of thugs, identified as "teens" in some reports, for his wearing a red MAGA hat.  Here is the video: The New York Post has signaled some skepticism about the man's story, putting the word "claims" in its headline and noting that the original police report didn't have a note about a MAGA hat, and the report said the attacker was a single person, not a group of teens.  The man also declined medical treatment at the scene of the...(Read Full Post)
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