Whatever happened to the Paris Climate Change Accords?

As Tip O'Neill liked to say, all politics is local.  The best example of that is the Paris Climate Accords that were going to save the planet not long ago. What is climate change running into?  How about economic interests? This is from Robert Bryce: While it's true that more than 170 countries signed on to the Paris Agreement, that accord's CO2 targets are not legally enforceable. (Trump withdrew from the Paris Agreement in 2017.) Why, despite the urgency of dealing with climate change, aren't more countries making big cuts to their emissions? The most succinct explanation can be had by understanding what Roger Pielke Jr. has dubbed the Iron Law of Climate Policy: "When policies on emissions reductions collide with policies focused on economic growth, economic growth will win out every time." Yes, all politics is local, especially when you have to shut down that plant in your district or state to make a bunch...(Read Full Post)
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