This mama's idea of gun control

Our nation experienced a terribly tragic weekend, with two mass shootings killing nearly 30 people.  I've been praying for the injured and the family members of those who were killed.  Unfortunately, I understand well the horror of losing a loved one in sudden, tragic, and criminal circumstances, so my heart aches for those who are left behind to pick up the pieces of their lives after these senseless, heartbreaking acts of violence. I think one of the shootings, in particular — the one at the Walmart in El Paso — hit home with a vast majority of the country, because it could've been any of us.  Some of us would find ourselves in a bar, but Walmart is frequented by almost everyone at one time or another. One of the first things out of my mouth when I heard about the Walmart shooting was, "Walmart sells guns (not handguns or so-called "assault rifles," but shotguns and the like).  Why...(Read Full Post)
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