Was the Dayton shooter 'radicalized' by Elizabeth Warren?

The press, the Twitterati, and Democratic politicians have made a big deal about the El Paso mass shooter's so-called manifesto, an inchoate series of ramblings based on greenie ideology but all supposedly pointing to a presumption of support for President Trump.  They actually claim that the killer was "radicalized" by Trump.  There also was a bombing freak earlier who was said to have been "radicalized" by Trump; he just didn't use guns.  But Trump got the blame for him, too.  It's a phrase that has up until now been used to describe al-Qaeda and ISIS known-wolf supporters who commit mass murder in incidents worldwide.  Now any freak who kills many is somehow "radicalized."  They love to say pro-Trump rally crowds are dangerous, too. The radicalization dynamic is indeed similar to some of the acts of al-Qaeda.  The lonely, alienated freaks, whether...(Read Full Post)
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