RIP: A prophet who predicted the mess we're in now

If you remember the late, great financial teacher Larry Burkett, your life is likely the better for it.  I worked with Larry for several years in his Gainesville, Georgia headquarters of Christian Financial Concepts (and continued to work for the organization from home for many years after my children started coming along).  In my mind, he ranks right up there with some of our Founding Fathers in his wisdom, love for this country, and amazing foresight in economic and political issues.  He even left this world on the same patriotic day as John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe — on Independence Day, 2003, at the young age of 63.  His teachings, which were straight from Scripture, changed my life and bent the twig for my children and hopefully future generations. The department in which I worked was tasked with answering constituents' financial questions, so I had to be quite the student of Larry Burkett.  In...(Read Full Post)
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