More stiffing the little guy from haughty Kamala Harris

As we've said more than once, Kamala Harris has an authenticity problem. This characterization, from Thomas Lifson last month, pretty well sums her up every time a Kamala Harris story comes to light: Kamala Harris is scary in her pathological ambition, moral flexibility, comfort with deception, and sheer ruthlessness. So here's a new one, from California watcher Susan Crabtree at RealClearPolitics, reporting Harris's soapboxing at the second presidential debate: "So in my background as attorney general of California, I took on the big banks who preyed on the homeowners, many of whom lost their homes and will never be able to buy another," Harris said in late July during the second round of Democratic debates in Detroit. Here's what really happened: In fact, she and several other state attorneys general were instrumental in negotiating a $25 billion national settlement with five...(Read Full Post)
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